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Watch our new promotional videoclip for Home Users!

The DURAFILE promoters have created a new promotional videoclip addressed to home users. In the forthcoming years we will all experience the problems of obsolete files. Watch the video and learn what DURAFILE can do for you in the field of digital preservation!        

Watch our new DURAFILE promotional videoclip for Corporate Users!

The developers of the DURAFILE technology have created a new promotional video clip addressed to corporate users. Watch it and learn more about what DURAFILE can do for your business.  

Promotion video animation

Know the main steps to create our video animation and all the places from where you can watch it! D7.6 Promotion video animation

Durafile – Video

Data security and Trust model

In this report the DURAFILE Security and the Trust & Reputation models are presented. You will comprehend why it is important to have data secured in the DURAFILE Server. Furthermore, you will learn that thanks to the use of the trust models any user will be sure that the DPP that it will execute will not include malicious code and will do what it is supposed to do. Dowload the complete document: D2.1 – Data Security & Trust  

Participate in our survey!

On behalf of the DURAFILE team, we would like to invite our visitors to access the survey that will help the Research Performers and the SMEs involved in the project, understand the current user requirement for the future DURAFILE system. It is an easy questionnaire that includes 10 questions and can be completed in less than 5 minutes. We thank you in advance for your time and for providing us with your answers through this link. Please feel free to share the link to our survey to those who you may consider. The DURAFILE team.

Construction of the website

Do you have problems to surf  the DURAFILE website? Find some tips: D7.1_PROJECT_WEBSITE

EasyInnova presents DURAFILE at La Xarxa radio station

Albert Bres and Belén Caparrós from Easy Innova visited “Emprenem en Xarxa“, the radio programme with the participation of Parc Científic i Tecnològic of Universitat de Girona. La Xarxa is a public radio station in Catalonia, a multimedia platform to support local broadcasting, that aims to respond the needs of the sector and contribute to its revitalization. The radio stations works in cooperation with other local media (television, radio and online media) to whom offers a wide range of services. Both SME representatives from Easy Innova, explained the objectives of the DURAFILE project and the role of their companies, contributing to the dissemination and awareness of the DURAFILE solution. The […]

Official Period 1 Press Release

On behalf of the DURAFILE Consortium, we put at the disposal of the Medias the Official Press Release corresponding to period 1. The present communication has been also distributed through CORDIS WIRE (Community Research and Development Information Service). Please feel free to download and distribute it and do not hesitate to contact us back if more information was required. Download the document (PDF) here.

State of the Art in Digital Preservation and Multiagent systems

Do you want to learn more about the State of the Art in Digital Preservation and Multiagent sustems? Download the report! D1 1_State of the Art