The Consortium

Ateknea Solutions (Spain) –

Ateknea Solutions brings together four research and innovation companies operating at a European level for over 15 years. Ateknea aims to assist European SMEs in transforming their innovative ideas into real marketable products and services that are crucial for their success. By offering tailor-made services for innovation, such as technological development and coaching, Ateknea’s experts cover a wide range of engineering and scientific areas. Ateknea has locations in Barcelona, Brussels, Budapest, Krakow and Valetta.



ABACCUS DOING INNOVATION  is a Spanish engineering company with an international focus to make innovation a key factor of global competitiveness of companies and administrations. ABACCUS is formed by multidisciplinary experts with extensive experience in the development and execution of business and R&D projects in energy, Information and communication Technology and Telecommunications sectors. The experience of its staff, has been acquired over a career in technical departments of industrial and first line services, and through the successes and failures of our entrepreneurship. Its corporate culture model values, supports and rewards individual contribution and team work, good ideas depend on the creativity and commitment both individually and together, whether they win as if they lose, they do it all.


Easy Innova (Spain) –

Easy Innova S.L. (EASY) is a spin-off company of the University of Girona created in 2004 by researchers of Centre of Innovation in Informatics, Industrial Electronics and Intelligent Systems (Centre Easy) of the Universitat de Girona. EASY is specialised in the development of solutions based on artificial intelligence and is located in the Science and Technology Park of Girona (Spain).


Assist Software (Romania) –

Founded in 1992, ASSIST Software is present on the international market as a supplier of innovative solutions, adding business value through technology implementation at a professional level. Focusing our activities toward developing complex software products, ASSIST Software provides consistent results in emerging fields such as mobile and web-based custom business applications, e-commerce, e-payment, e-security, e-health and enterprise & resource planning, entertainment and gaming industry. ASSIST is focused on developing powerful and cutting edge applications, that allows the company to offer solutions which provide real business benefits.


IDEC (Greece) –

IDEC SA is a consulting and high-tech company based in Piraeus, which is the port of Athens. It was founded in 1989 by SME consultants with a huge experience in training and industry and it aims at providing its clients with a wide range of support services. Clients of IDEC are both SMEs and the bigger Greek companies mostly of the textile, clothing and food sectors, Entrepreneurs’ Associations, Co-operatives, Universities, Chambers of Commerce / Industry, Trade Unions, Public organisations. IDEC’s employees are mainly engineers with post-graduated studies and long term industrial experience.


Highlands Technologies Solutions (France) –

Founded in 2012, Highlands Technologies Solutions (HTS) is a spin-off of Doremi Technologies Europe, headquartered in Sophia Antipolis, France. It serves the same market and end-customers, relying on the same dealer network. In that respect, HTS capitalizes on an installed base of 17000 dcinema servers as well as a strong relationship with more than 50 resellers in EMEA over 28 countries. HTS also benefits from the accumulated experience of its founders and its team of industry experts since 2006.


EES- Entegre Enformasyon Sistemleri (Turkey) –

EES was founded in 2003 to develop medium and large scale turn-key healthcare IT projects and to provide related consulting, designing, developing, implementing, operating and maintaining services with its unique experiences especially in medical informatics and healthcare information technology. EES is located and providing its main services in Bilkent University Cyberpark in Ankara, which is the biggest and most equipped R&D technology center in Turkiye providing an effective R&D environment which utilizes high technology and motivates for the strong collaboration with the universities with an atmosphere that creates native synergy with the highest quality and the latest technology.


Tallin University (Estonia) –

Tallinn University is the third largest university in Estonia consisting of 20 institutes and five colleges. It has more than 10 000 students as well as almost 500 faculty members and research fellows, and is the fastest growing university in Estonia. Its main strengths lie in the fields of humanities and social sciences, but it also has a strong and constantly growing component of natural sciences, as well as a notable tradition of teacher training and educational research. The Institute of Information Studies has focused in its research to different aspects of information and knowledge management (e.g., information needs, information retrieval, information services, information and knowledge systems, digital libraries and repositories, digital preservation and archiving) as well as to documentary cultural heritage (publishing, book and library history, digitization of documentary heritage). The researchers of the institute participate in several FP7 and nationally funded research projects (e.g., DCH-RP, 4 C Project, NetCu a.o).


Universitat de Girona (Spain) –

The University of Girona (UdG) is a public university devoted to excellence in teaching and research and to participating in the progress and development of society. The UdG is one of the primary economic and cultural motors of the region. Centre EASY is the Centre of Innovation in Informatics, Industrial Electronics and Intelligent Systems of UdG.